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Quick, Easy, & Safe:
  1. Fill out the appropriate online form (see above) on our secure server, then click the Next Step button to view your entry as it will be sent to ELA.
  2. Review the resulting page. If you want to change any information, hit the back button in your browser and make the changes. If the information shown is accurate, enter your credit card information to be processed safely by our secure server.
  3. Click the Confirm & Post button to electronically send your registration to ELA.
  4. You will get an order number and receipt to print and keep for your records.
  5. Confirmation of registration will be emailed and snail-mailed.
Slower, Not So Easy, & Not As Safe:

You may also print the form (see above), complete it, and fax it to (703) 841-4329, or snail-mail the form and fees (or credit card information) to ELA, Department 733, Alexandria, VA 22334-0733. Make checks payable to ELA. Confirmation of registration will be sent.

Caution: Credit card numbers are more easily intercepted in the snail-mail or over the phone than in encrypted form over the internet via our secure server.


If you have any other questions about this event, you may e-mail Janet Fianko or call her at (703) 516-8386.

For questions regarding registration for this event, you may e-mail our registrar or call ELA.