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Original Workshop Overview

The Original Principles of Leasing Workshop has been designed to teach the fundamentals of personal property commercial equipment leasing for entry-level personnel and/or individuals with business experience who do not have a complete overview of the leasing business. Subjects address the "why" as much as the "how" to provide participants with a good foundation to grasp how the leasing business works, and where individual responsibilities fit into the workflow.

Who Should Attend the Original Principles of Leasing Workshop
  • Newly hired staff, including sales professionals
  • Operations and administrative staff
  • Marketing personnel
  • Vendors/Vendor's sales staff
  • Manufacturers/Captives
  • Service providers
  • New members of ELA

The Original Principles of Leasing Agenda
Please note: Each section will be presented as it applies to each of three markets: small ticket, middle market and vendor programs